Worth Every Trip South Dave's Family Ever Took
Dave’s love for fried chicken isn’t about a single moment but a love story built over time. Every bite transports him back to family road trips, the aroma of crispy perfection wafting from roadside diners. Inspired, Dave’s mom recreated those flavors at home, her recipe becoming a cornerstone of their family meals. Now, Dave shares that tradition with you. Each piece on his menu reflects his culinary expertise and cherished memories, giving you a taste of the love that sparked his passion for this timeless comfort food.

Delicious Fried Chicken at Dave's in Chicago, IL


Offering Fried Chicken Catering in Chicago

From backyard blowouts to corporate lunches, Famous Dave’s catering provides smoky perfection for any occasion, indoors or out! We cater for all sizes, feeding hungry grads, wedding guests, or your A-team at work. Our temperature-controlled delivery keeps everything piping hot (or refreshingly chilled) for gatherings of 10 or more. Learn more about our catering options below:

Need a stress-free solution? Our drop-off service gets the party started fast. Looking for the full BBQ experience? Choose our buffet-style catering with hassle-free cleanup. Are you thinking of taking your party outside? Our “battlewagon” brings the BBQ directly to you. This mobile kitchen boasts an on-site grill, ready to serve up food-truck-style deliciousness for unforgettable celebrations. Explore our catering menu and request a quote today. 

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Taste Our Crispy Fried Chicken

Let the countdown to down home goodness begin: One Mississippi, two Alabama, three Oklahoma...

Famous Dave’s serves up Chicago’s best ribs, fried chicken, brisket, and burgers, all bursting with true Southern flavor. Dive into our signature sauces, refreshing mason jar drinks, and the legendary All-American Feast®, served on a unique garbage can lid for a fun twist. In a hurry? Our fast and convenient curbside service gets you your BBQ fix in a flash. 

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Written nutrition information available upon request. A 2,000 calorie daily diet is used as the basis for general nutrition advice; however, individual calorie needs may vary. 11870/1880 calories per person for 4 people. 22080–2100 calories per person for 2 people.

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